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The Holidays Are About Family

The Holidays Are About Family

One Source Supply is a family business.  The truth is that for our family, the business has always been about family.   We started in the hardware business.  I was there to stock shelves, help customers and make sure people got the right tool or piece of equipment for the job.  In the process of just being a part of the hardware business, two things happened.  One is that I started to learn the business and develop a love for it.  The second is that the experience planted the seed of being an entrepreneur and business owner.  I knew from working in the hardware store that I was going to be my own boss and make my way.

With One Source Supply, I took the opportunity, and I did what I said I was going to do.  I built a business that I can be proud of while continuing the mission I took on back in the day or wanting to help people get the right supplies for the job.  I do this by treating each client with professionalism and respect and becoming a trusted partner.

With the addition of my son, Steven, One Source Supply is now truly a family business.  Back when I started in the hardware store, I was not given a pass for being part of the family.  The business still had to run at peak efficiency providing excellent service.  I learned responsibility and what it takes to be successful.

With a Martial Arts background, which is grounded in discipline, hard work, and respect, Steven is going to be an extremely valuable member of this company.   He will add his own experiences to the company, and we will take One Source Supply to a new level.

With the holidays upon us, which is all about family, we want to wish everyone the best of the holiday season.

From our family to yours.

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