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Seasonal Supplies and Responsibilities

Seasonal Supplies and Responsibilities

Buy Supplies Before You Need Them

Have you ever gone into a clothing store during the winter to buy winter clothes?  You can’t do it.  By the time the winter is here, the stores have moved on to spring.  It is the same reason stores start to decorate for Christmas in October.

While it is a good idea to get your holiday shopping done early to avoid the crowds and the stress of last-minute shopping, it is a good idea to get your seasonal supplies ordered and in before the season hits.

The time to buy shovels, ice-choppers and rock salt is not when the first snow of the season is falling from the sky.  You should be starting to think about the snow and ice while it is still warm enough for light jackets.  You want to be prepared well in advance of the inevitable weather that can come as early as November in New York.

Be Prepared, You Could Be Held Liable

Being prepared isn’t just a matter of convenience.  In most jurisdictions in the area, as a property owner or property manager, you are required to ensure that the sidewalks and paths on your property are cleared and safe.  If snow and ice are not removed promptly, and someone is injured, they will be able to hold you legally and financially accountable for their injuries.

This responsibility is not limited to the ice and snow of winter.  Leaves that fall during the autumn can be wet and slippery also creating a slip and fall hazard.  These leaves need to be removed to ensure that the sidewalks are safe.  While snow can be moved off of the sidewalks and into a garden area, leaves cannot only be moved.  One good wind and the leaves are back on the sidewalk.

Call Once Source Supply Today

Whether it comes to buying plastic bags, or brooms or blowers for the fall leaves or rock salt and shovels for the winter snow, One Source Supply can get you all set up.  Call Scott at 631-623-2220, and let’s talk about what you need to be ready for whatever season is coming up.

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