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Keeping Shared Spaces Clean and Sanitized

Keeping Shared Spaces Clean and Sanitized

We have gotten to the point where most people are returning to their lives as things were pre-COVID, and while that is not necessarily bad, the truth is that COVID is still out there. While the number of fatalities is down, thanks to several factors such as vaccines, some level of herd immunity, and the virus mutating to more contagious and less fatal variants, COVID is still a serious health issue. Scientists and Doctors still are not entirely sure of the long-term effects of COVID, and there are still people suffering from Long COVID. There have also been reports of people dealing with long-term issues with their heart and lungs due to COVID, even if they had a mild case.

We are not advocating remaining in a constant state of Lockdown since COVID will be with us in some form from now on. However, we must learn to live with the new reality of COVID always being somewhere in the background noise.

One thing we have been noticing is that the precautions people took during the pandemic, such as being vigilant with cleaning common areas in apartment complexes and office building, have become less of a priority for many people.

During the first year of COVID, there were remarkably few flu cases. While some people attribute that to everything being called COVID, the truth is that between people wearing masks and the diligent cleaning that people were doing, along with the flu vaccine, the virus could not get a hold on the population.

It is impossible to ask that people stay at that level of vigilance, and while there are still many people wearing masks, most people are not. Keeping our shared spaces clean and sanitized has become essential to our cleaning routines. These are routines that should be maintained going forward. Apartment buildings and office buildings are where viruses can spread quickly since most buildings have a single ventilation system that hits every room. Our responsibility is to keep our tenants, residents, and guests safe from illness. There is no way of knowing what other health issues people are dealing with. Many illnesses can be invisible to us, weaken, or compromise a person’s immune system. Even if the people we see daily are not immune compromised, we don’t know who they see regularly. They may have older relatives or kids that need to be protected. That protection starts with each of us ensuring that the shared spaces we are responsible for are adequately cleaned and sanitized.

If you are unsure what cleaning supplies you need or are concerned about using cleaning supplies with harsh chemicals, give us a call, and we can help you find the right cleaning supplies. We have access to typical supplies and eco-friendly green alternatives that are just as effective in providing the appropriate protection.

COVID may be entering the endemic phase, but keeping our areas clean and safe will be our ongoing responsibility.

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